Expert Tree Removal in South Shields

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As qualified tree surgeons operating in South Shields, tree removal is a safe & efficient process we carry out routinely.

Qualified tree surgeons are able to safely work with a chainsaw from rope and harness. This allows us to operate our equipment precisely, delivering successful results every time.

The Tree Fella NE Ltd team are able to extract a tree from locations with difficult access using industry-standard equipment and procedures.

Being fully qualified we are able to rig (using ropes) and remove the largest of trees from the smallest of spaces.

large pile of logs following a tree removal by a qualified tree surgeon in south tyneside
Simon, the company director and lead climber, following the removal of a dangerous Horse Chestnut tree in Whitburn. Approval for this tree was granted following survey and application to South Tyneside Council.

Use of rigging and lowering techniques allows our team to safely extract branches and timber from any location. These large poplars were removed in Jarrow in 2017

tree surgeon using a chainsaw to remove a section of timber from a tree
This poplar was removed in South Shields in 2019. Having the right training and the right tools allows our team to safely remove any tree.

There’s no job too big and no job too small for our team of tree removal experts. This large poplar was removed in Hebburn in 2018.

STOP! Is your tree protected?

Many trees are protected legally. Felling or pruning of a protected tree without prior permission from your Local Planning Authority, e.g. South Tyneside Council, may be a criminal offence.

Always check for Conservation Area restrictions or Tree Preservation Orders prior to carrying out any works.

Our highly trained staff often work with local councils to secure permission for tree removal work on behalf of our customers.

For free advice – telephone 0191 432 6167.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Removal

Many tasks around the home are easy to price up, and often priced per square meter. With tree surgery, there are a few factors that need to be considered when calculating the price of removal.

Tree removals can vary in size from perhaps a 2m tall sapling in the middle of an open garden to 30 or 40-meter tall trees in tight spaces, surrounded by risk factors. Some jobs can take hours – others can take days.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions regarding tree removal.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

Most tree surgeons price smaller tree removal jobs at an hourly or daily rate. Most tree surgeons will work in teams – with smaller companies, perhaps working as a two-person team.

Day rates for teams can range from £100s to £1000s for a larger group with heavy machinery. Removing the same tree could be a simple job for a big team – or a complicated job for a small group.

As such prices will vary between different companies and one business will rarely be cheaper all the time. In the current climate, small tree removal will likely range from £100 – £500, medium trees from £300 – £1000 and large trees £400+.

The size, location, access, team size, and surrounding hazards all play a factor in the final price.

Why is tree removal so expensive?

Risk, size & location are the key factors here. Removing a small tree in the middle of a flat garden will be relatively inexpensive, whilst removing a large tree overhanging a greenhouse and 100m from the nearest road access may be considerably more.

Will my insurance pay for a tree removal?

Sometimes the position of a tree can cause problems. If, for example, you suspect a tree may be contributing to subsidence, then your home insurance provider may be able to support you in removing the tree. It’s always worth giving them a call and asking for advice.

What does tree stump removal cost?

Tree stump removal pricing varies depending on the location. Removing a stump is almost always achievable, but not always necessary.

Professional tree surgeons usually have a stump grinder – a machine for removing stumps – which will be driven up to the stump and used to remove it via a grinding/chipping action.

You can expect to pay between £100 and £500 for a typical garden stump depending on access, and it’s worth remembering that this doesn’t always have to happen straight away. You could spread your costs out, if required, by getting your tree surgeon back to remove a stump at a later date.

Check out our stump removal page for further information.

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