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Guidance issued by the Government, the Forestry Commission, and the Arboricultural Association advise that where a tree shows external evidence of decay or structural weakness, the owner of the land on which it stands is normally liable for any damage it causes by breaking or falling. They further advise that a professional tree surveyor regularly undertakes a tree survey.

One of our professional tree inspectors will undertake a ground-based visual tree survey to recognise and identify hazardous trees. Our tree report will make prioritised recommendations to reduce owner liability. An inspection frequency will ensure that funds are not wasted inspecting healthy trees in future tree surveys.

The survey will include all trees within site with a stem diameter over 150mm, and the report will highlight any tree works that are required and will ensure compliance with the Occupiers Liability Act and fulfil your duty of care to the public.

Occasionally defects are apparent, but their extent cannot be determined during a ground-level tree survey. In this case, the tree surveyor may recommend that a climbed tree condition survey is undertaken.

The report may also make recommendations, including decay detection, should a hazard tree be identified but not fully understood by a visual assessment alone.

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