Customer Care & Complaints Policy

Our Customer Care & Complaints Policy defines our commitment to delivering the very best goods & services to our customers and sets out the standards that we will comply with in relation to:

  • Customer Service
  • Goods & Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Compliance
  • Complaint Handling
  • Client Hub

We ensure that all of our staff are aware of this policy. We take steps to make sure that we are aware of our legal obligations and responsibilities to those whom we undertake work for.

This policy has been developed with support from the Business Approval Register, and the Trading Standards Services and demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellence in customer care.

Our Commitment to You

  • We will ALWAYS be honest in all our dealings with you;
  • We will ALWAYS tell you about any call-out fees before we call;
  • We will ALWAYS let you know if we cannot keep an appointment;
  • We will ALWAYS let you know if we cannot do the work;
  • We will ALWAYS quote clearly and create an additional contract for any variations;
  • We will NEVER demand cash payments;
  • We will NEVER be abusive or threatening to customers in any way;
  • We will NEVER seek work through cold calling;
  • We will NEVER be unfair or misleading in our dealings with you.

Our Customer Service

The level of service you can expect from us:

  • We deliver high standards of customer care
  • Our staff are always polite, friendly and helpful
  • We will ensure that all aspects of the work are communicated clearly to you
  • You will receive notification of all visits and this will include photos of the staff whom will be attending
  • If we cannot take your telephone call, there is an answerphone message stating our trading name and we will return your call within one working day
  • We will endeavour to keep appointments with you but in circumstances when we need to re-arrange appointments, we will inform you as soon as possible
  • On completion of any work, you will be offered the opportunity to leave feedback. Feedback will be used to continuously improve our service

Our Goods & Services

We promise to deliver quality goods & services.

  • We will ensure that all our goods and services are safe and comply with legislation
  • We ensure that the goods supplied are of satisfactory quality and accurately described
  • If the goods on sale are not perfect, that is ‘seconds’, we will bring any defects to your attention prior to purchase
  • We will provide a detailed quote that is inclusive of labour, materials and VAT
  • Any changes to the work specified or extra costs will be agreed upon prior to work commencing

Our Sales & Marketing

We will not mislead or use high-pressure sales techniques;

  • All of our goods and services are accurately described and priced
  • Any sales promotions, special offers or sale prices are clear
  • We will not use high-pressure sales techniques or cold calling
  • Our website meets all legal requirements
  • We are entitled to use the logos and endorsements that we display

Our Business Compliance

We comply with all legislation relating to our business;

  • We are aware of our statutory obligations and will not attempt to restrict your statutory rights in any way
  • We will not do anything unfair or misleading and will inform you of all information that may affect your decision to purchase
  • Our company name is displayed on our business premises and any company literature so it is clear who you are contracting with
  • We have public liability, employers liability and professional indemnity insurance in place
  • We will ensure that if the contract is made in your home or place of work, you will be given clear notice of your right to cancel
  • We take responsibility for any sub-contractors that we use
  • We will agree with you on the visit date and specific visit time for all our services
  • We will check our work after completion to ensure that it has been carried out to your satisfaction
  • Our terms and conditions will be kept up to date and adhered to at all times
  • We will issue you with an invoice and receipt for all goods and services sold to you

Our Complaint Handling

In the unlikely event you are not happy, we will deal with your complaint efficiently and effectively.

  • If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services you have received from us, we want to hear from you as soon as possible in order to resolve any issues you may have
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receiving it
  • All complaints will be logged in a auditable system to ensure they’re tracked and resolved in a timely manner
  • We will respond fully within 5 days of receiving your complaint and inform you of what steps will be taken to resolve any dissatisfaction
  • We will keep you informed as to how the complaint is being handled and the reason for any delays
  • In the event that your complaint remains unresolved, we will refer the complaint to Business Approval Register for further advice and guidance
  • We will co-operate fully with Business Approval Register and Trading Standards in an effort to resolve your complaint

Our Client Hub

All of our customers have access to our Client Hub. Here you’re able to request work, view your quotations and request changes, look at job booking information and view and pay your invoices. It’s a one-stop shop!

If you have trouble accessing or using the hub you can always call us or email us.

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