WHAT IS sonic tomography?

Tomography is the imaging of sections of a subject using a tomograph. The result is a tomogram, an image showing a cross-sectional view, a slice. In arboriculture, a tomogram shows a slice through a tree’s stem and roots, and when this slice is mapped using ultrasound it is called a sonic tomogram. Here you can ... Read more

Dodgy trees near roads and footpaths

Trees overhanging, and posing a risk to roads and footpaths are covered by Highways Act 1980, Section 154. This time we’re looking at section 2. What’s addressed? This piece of legislation deals with hedges, trees and shrubs (‘vegetation’) which risk falling onto a publicly accessible highway, road or footpath. The legislation addresses risk of harm from dead, diseased, ... Read more

WHAT IS statue law & legislation?

Here is a very brief arborists overview of statue law and legislation in the UK. Hopefully this will help out a few Level 2, 3 or 4 Arboriculture students. In the United Kingdom legislation can be divided into two groups; primary legislation and secondary legislation. An Act of Parliament (also called a statute) is first ... Read more


Aerial tree work can be undertaken using a variety of skills and equipment. In this post we'll focus on the Mobile Elevated Working Platform, or MEWP.